SiA’s Creative Residency Programme


Sunshine International Arts (S.i.A) is offering an exciting opportunity for young and emerging artists.  This is an opportunity for artists to experiment, explore and develop new ideas and projects in a 3 long day residency in our Main Arch space (56 square metres approx). Since 2001 S.i.A has forged and maintained relationships with a wide range of carnival, visual, literary, and performing artists working in all disciplines and styles. We are dedicated to developing talent with a bespoke strategy to each individual artist, celebrating and reflecting diversity. S.i.A’s mission is to empower young and emerging artists across all disciplines at critical stages in their creative ideas and projects.

S.i.A’s Creative Residency programme will support young and emerging artists in the development and furthering of their creative practice, strengthening their practice through collaboration and community engagement. S.i.A supports innovative, multi-disciplinary work and cultivates artists at all stages of their creative development. Our Creative Residencies aim to celebrate the creative process, challenging artists to incorporate social practice into their work. Each residency will be a catalyst for innovative and expanded thinking in the artist’s practice.

The main practical objective of the programme is to support artists’ artistic ventures by placing it in the context of the world SiA exists, socially and artistically. We’re inviting applications from artists, particularly young and emerging artists, working in any creative discipline. Individuals, companies and community-led groups are all encouraged to apply and any creative discipline will be considered, including theatre, performance, fashion, photography, film, new media, writing and painting. We just ask you to consider how the space we provide will be suitable for your practice. Applications are welcomed from everyone irrespective of age, background, education or training. The important thing is the artist’s desire to create and develop their new creative idea or project within our 4 walls.

SiA’s creative residencies provide the concrete resources that young and emerging artists need to thrive; dedicated time and space in a creative and supportive environment. You will have the opportunity to discuss your project with our team in order to accommodate your individual requirements. Preference will be given to artists who have considered the impact of their work in the local community and how it can benefit from SiA’s experience.

You will be expected to deliver 2 outcomes:

–  A showcase of your work (performance, display, exhibition etc), open to the public.

–  Contribution to a ‘Meet the Artists’ event (introduction of your work and an open discussion) at the end of the project .

To apply you need:

– A current CV.

– A completed application form: SiA Creative Residency Application Form 2016

Send to