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2017 NHC Theme Revealed!!!


Exit stage left…De@th oF c@rn1¥@L

DREAM…so vivid…but yet so FAR away …irresistible yet seemingly unattainable…not by distance but by DESIRE

That sensation of pAin and pleAsure …mAs bitter sweet mAs…

FIREFIRE in The Belly…so ambrosial but tempestuous

Dawn meets us barefooted with empty roads and HEARTS full of excitement, expecting for the unveiling OF….this annual MARRIAGE

BUT the MERRY MONARCH disappoints us, saddens us as we face the dreaded LAGAHOO,

the King of deception, transmogrification, desire and corruption of this rich culture and the “WINE AND GRIND” of the everyday; he is crowned as King – a King with no lineage. A false ruler who plays and portrays the part, but is truly a lowly peasant at heart. This false King made a deal with OUR unsuspecting HEARTs; wreaking havoc without ever being caught.

Resulting in pAin and pleAsure …mAs bittersweet mAs…

The true leader is quietly making his way through the commotion,

paying no heed to the drunken brawls but

brimming with anticipation for his turn to rise up once more.

This true leader, our grand heritage, a culture like no other, had been made a cuckold of and disguised.

The false king has bestowed our Mas the title “BORING”, but so-called “boring” is what we are all yearn for in our hearts.

Our regal culture reigniting; tales and fantasies hidden away, seemingly insignificant yet ever present and beginning to thrive.

HANKY PANKY. You are needed no more!  Begone with your deceptive glamour. Your futility has created golden promises yet reward only brass. This short term nirvana is soon to decay into hopelessness. No truth. Nothing lasts. The modern world offers only false promises.

LUST. The goal of the naive that runs hotter and heavier still. This aching hunger destroys our souls while it sustains the decorated shells of our bodies. False physical beings sing and dance into the maws of death.

We cry out for COMPASSION to keep the spirit alive and the heritage strong. The new seeds of LIFE, LOVE AND UNITY must flourish and can only be crafted into existence by the PASSiON of centuries of ancestral blood flowing through our bodies, lovingly moulding these icons of beauty, loudly proclaiming the truth.

We DESIRE those initial sparks of love. Where did it go? This unrelenting ache of yearning for what is just beyond our reach. The grass is always greener on the other side.

That other side where the Silk Cotton trees prosper. The seeds of this sacred tree spread JOY, LOVE and UNITY. Self sacrifice and careful decisions lead to success. A strong determination will guide us from our new beginning through our long established tradition to a new life…

One where the PASSIFLORA grows and spreads its petals to touch all within its reach. The sound of laughter and squeals of happiness become the sounds of your life, A life blossoming true and full of beauty and joy. Signs of contentment and celebration abound. LOVE.


Fire in the BellyHanky-PankyCompassion…PassionLustDesire

Family Day …. Seeds of the sacred tree

Written by Ray & Serena Mahabir


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