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Carnival & MAS Camp

Sunshine International Arts is an award-winning carnival organisation (Notting Hill Carnival) with the aim of breaking down barriers and sparking conversations through our striking costumes. Our work has been produced for local, national and international events. Read our past history

We combine highly skilled art forms across street art, music, dance and costume design and production.

Our yearly carnival programme (July- October) is funded by the Arts Council England.

We strive to:

  • Introduce carnival arts to a new audience: opening our doors to the general public to learn and get involved in carnival arts.
  • Sharing our knowledge of carnival arts and its history to new communities and people.
  • Provide a resource centre for people interested in gaining Information, training and production know-how in carnival arts.
  • Offer assistance to emerging artists and smaller carnival organisations to learn about new materials, methods and the opportunity to create work with us.
  • Offer a summer MAS Camp for families and CYP (children and young people) workshops for local community.
  • Keep the spirit of Carnival alive!

Our Space

Our studios are dedicated to artists, communities, and Carnival groups for creating all aspects of arts with special interest in carnival arts.

The studio houses a range of multi-functional spaces: MAS Camp (the home of carnival making), rehearsal studio, large costume construction facility, teaching room, carnival resource facilities and a costume-making workshop.

S.i.A has identified the need to develop basic skills in design, materials, decorating methods, structures, sewing/ pattern cutting and costume details, to ensure a new generation learns about the culture and art of Carnival.

MAS Camp & Workshops

The term ‘MAS Camp’ originates from Trinidad and refers to the place where local people from all walks of life come together to create and assemble mas costumes in the lead-up to carnival celebration.

Our ‘MAS Camp’ runs throughout the year, inviting the community and artists to engage with our creative production. We also offer our MAS Camp to schools. Keep an eye on our Upcoming workshops

Our MAS Camp programmes are offered at either your venue or in our welcoming and creative hub in the heart of Loughborough Junction, Brixton.

Absolutely everyone, regardless of skill level, is welcome to come and help us create and celebrate carnival!

Educational Carnival Workshops

We also offer Carnival educational workshops. These can be delivered at your venue or your party, school, community group or business can attend our space for workshops on a range of Carnival activities.

We also help in the production and perfecting of carnival events and costumes, including assisting researching designs, delivering workshops and day delivery.

Need support in making your vision come to life? Have a look at our  Commission Us and the range of workshops we can offer.