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About us


Sunshine International Arts (S.i.A)

S.i.A have contributed to the arts in England since 2002.
Registered Charity no. 1119236. Company registration 4544572.

We are one of the leading artistic, educational and carnival production companies in the UK. Based in South London, S.i.A specialises in award-winning carnival arts and works extensively within local, regional, national and international contexts.

We run an arts-oriented community centre based in the heart of Loughborough Junction, Brixton –
C.A.F.E – Carnival-Arts-For-Everyone.

C.A.F.E. is an imaginative and creative space that is a meeting point for south London’s arts and crafts community. We offer hot daily lunches whilst providing a vibrant base for local arts, community and professional groups.

Our affordable studio spaces are also available FOR HIRE. Perfect for rehearsals, workshops, evening classes, children’s activities and meetings.

At a local level the company develops and delivers arts events and cultural projects alongside local council minority groups, low income communities, play-schemes, youth groups, arts organisations, the elderly, regeneration agencies, the voluntary sector and educational establishments.

The company enables emerging local artists and arts organisations/groups across all disciplines to access affordable space and opportunities through cultural exchanges and collaborative projects.

S.i.A also serves as a platform for CARNIVAL ARTS and artists to develop and grow and we are committed to continuing this practice to the highest standard possible.