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We offer a range of art-forms associated with world culture!

Are you an educator or a community organisation/ looking to bring art, carnival arts or art workshops with a world cultured theme, into the community or classroom?

Our work uses the art and culture of traditional folklore and carnival to inspire the next generation. Storytelling and history play a major part in our work.

Give your pupils or community the chance to be exposed to a project that will directly enhance their environment and knowledge of international culture and diversity.

S.i.A specialises in a range of Carnival workshops catered for early learning to adult Carnival, with a focus on community and intergenerational cohesion.

We can provide entertainment, completely transform your venue with our pieces and provide our carnival services including:

  • Carnival Walkabout
  • Steelpan band
  • Soca music
  • ‘Dress-up Booth’
  • Early learning workshops
  • Carnival Arts Workshops
  • Carnival Themed Decoration for events
  • Costume design/making

We can work to your brief or provide ideas and themes to deliver an unforgettable event.


S.i.A develops a program titled S.C.R.A.P (S.i.A’s Creative Reuse Art Program) where we transform waste materials into art. All the workshops/ services above can be adapted to include the use of waste materials and the teaching about environmental sustainability, associated with the theme/materials used.


Years of experience have allowed us to build an expertise in creating stunning costumes for you parade/show. Our award-winning Creative director Ray Mahabir will cater to your brief, and we will produce eye catching costumes for your event.


We are committed to engage and inspire the participants to produce art that has the power to transform and positively shape the communities/schools we work with.

On our workshops, participants will have the opportunity to make artistic decisions and create with our experienced artists.

Early Years Culture Workshops

S.i.A team is passionate about introducing carnival arts to early years children in a fun and interactive way. Bringing families together to learn and to celebrate culture, this project is part of our new vision #ThinkLocal.

We have developed new workshops for the little ones (early learning) which are centred around the heritage and celebration of carnival. These fun and interactive hour-and-a-half workshops for babies and children include stories, music, craft and a mini-parade! S.i.A is passionate about bringing a carnival/festival atmosphere to local areas.


Mask headdress making workshops

In this fun-filled educational workshop, children and adults alike will explore the exciting world of mask making, storytelling and history. Participants will each make one or more personalised masks or headdresses out of a variety of colourful materials, and the option of recycled materials. These workshops can be linked to school or organisational curriculums, looking at masks from different countries and cultures, and encouraging children to make their own.


Costume making workshops

Our costume workshops, classes and events can be a great way to explore not only your own local culture(s) but those from all around the world. They can be tied to any school or other organisation’s curriculum, and highly specific themed events, and workshops can be developed to fit your needs and the ability of your participants.



Festival x Carnival arts

These workshops are designed to give you a cross section of the art of carnival and festivals. We intend to explore and incorporate your local community/ school and cultures and diversity into the work we co-create. This can be included to any school or other organisation’s curriculum. We can create specifically themed events and workshops, developed to fit your needs and the ability of your participants.

  • Costume making workshops and events
  • Mask and accessory making events
  • Decoration, flags and bunting workshops
  • Large structures and puppets
  • Recycled music makers


Staff and Corporate days

S.i.A can work with you to deliver a fantastic event for your company or your clients. We can produce bespoke, specialised events with a Caribbean/Carnivalesque factor for a variety of settings and occasions, including corporate events, festivals, ceremonies and community events.


Mas Camp- (Mas- short for masquerade and Camp- workshop)

Carnival has a rich global history and culture. Carnival is a global sensation that is celebrated around the world. Every culture has its own unique traditions and way of celebrating.

These workshops bring a feel of carnival costume making tradition to the participants.


Other workshops– Sewing, Festival decoupage, Costume Design, Surface ornamenting art (textiles), Collage, Scrapbooking and Storytelling.

Our workshop prices starts at £30 per hour or £250 day rate, depending on times and location. For more information, please fill in the form and we can create a custom budget, or please give us a sample budget in the message.


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