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Come Play Mas with S.i.A!

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of parading through Notting Hill Carnival as part of a Mas Band. To ‘Play Mas’ is much more than simply to wear a costume. Playing Mas in a true Mas Band is an exclusive carnival experience, and the perks make it truly unique. As a S.i.A Mas Band Member you will be getting:

  • The opportunity to wear a costume designed and made by one of the leading carnival designers in the UK
  • A Support vehicle that will follow the band through the whole carnival route (where you can leave your belongings on the day and rest in between wining)
  • Security who look after the band and the support vehicle
  • Your very own soundsystem, Dj and sound engineers
  • Free bottles of water

To become a Mas Band Member all you need to do is make a contribution towards your costume. We have three sections this year and costs are as follows:

Creative Section (Local newcomers)= £80   Performance Section= £175   Deluxe Feather Section= £250

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