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Mas Camp Begins on 25th July!

This year’s Notting Hill Carnival promises to be an enlightening event not just for the lot of you that come down to our Mas Camp dates this summer but for the millions of people that line the West London streets this August. Come down to C.A.F.E. this summer and take part or volunteer in our production of

 …Dance of Jouvert…AFRICAN spirits. We de people, of this EARTH.

Get in contact via email for more information on how to get involved in making costumes and learning about the ‘art of Carnival’) – or pop along to one of our Mas Camps!

Mas Camp this year kicks off on 25th July running through a fun-filled, carnival flavoured 6 weeks of Mas Camp.

All of our dates are available on our website:sunshineiarts.co.uk/events

Mas Camp brings communities together it’s a melting pot of creative flair in a multitude of artistic crafts: feather flowing; wire bending; headdress building; and costume decoration. Under the guise and enthusiasm of Trinidadian designer Ray Mahabir, you will gain a variety of skills in carnival arts and learn the truest form and history of traditional carnival Mas Bands. In a highly differing communal setting, Mas Camp offers a brilliant schedule of carnival arts that will not only be heart warming and enjoyable, but also artistically challenging.

Notting Hill Carnival 2018 (contributions)

The Music Truck, professional security, support vehicle, materials and the making of costumes cost a lot of money for us at Sunshine, so for Notting Hill we require contributions towards your costumes. (note: these are contributions and not purchases of your costumes – do you know a costume costs between £300 to £500)


Sunday Family Day (26th August)

Alongside the S.i.A family we are working with the Indigo Project – Youth Group and Summerversity from Islington Council.

  • 8 years and under £85 (cost for 1 child and 1 adult)
  • 8 years and over £65 (cost for 1 child)
  • Accompanying Adult with child or teen: £35 includes the T-shirt


Monday Bank Holiday (27th August)

Join us for a fun day by experiencing first hand Europe’s largest street festival. This is your chance!

  • Adults: the price of the costume ranges from £125-£250 (why wait for a huge bill in August when you can make a deposit on your costume now)
  • Email us at admin@sunshineiarts.co.uk  for more info



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