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S.I.A launches fundraising campaign for local children

We have launched a campaign to attract support for our Children’s band on Children’s Day at Notting Hill Carnival. The children will have the opportunity to wear Sunshine International Arts’ award winning costumes and participate in Notting Hill Carnival’s Children’s Day.

Based in an economically deprived area in Lambeth our charity works directly with local families, many of whom cannot afford to take part in the celebrations.

Each year we take children to the biggest street festival in Europe and see them come out of their shell, at what is the most diverse and culturally significant event in the country. Unable to contribute towards their transport and costume, many local children miss out on this meaningful experience. Participating in carnival enriches the lives of children, by giving them the confidence to express their creativity and the opportunity to bond with their local community.

‘We went (to Notting Hill Carnival) as part of the troupe organised by S.i.A and it was a really incredible experience… It was so exciting for all the kids to become centre of attention in their amazing costumes. Some of the young completely revelled in becoming a celebrity for the day, waving to the crowds and even having people along the route asking to have their picture taken with them! I was really proud for the kids to be part of such an important historic festival and to really feel like they are part of London culture.’ 

Grace Lally, Former Chair, Loughborough Estate Tenants and Residents Association

Your contribution will go a long way to giving disadvantaged children a life enriching experience. Please consider supporting a child’s priceless smile on Children’s Day at Notting Hill Carnival by giving what you can.

You can also take a look at the recommended donation amounts below:

*£5 to go towards one packed lunch for the day
*£10 to go towards the cost of materials on one carnival headpiece
*£15 to go towards providing a seat on our coach for a child
*£50 to go towards the materials for a full child’s costume
*£150 sponsors one child’s costume, travel and Children’s Day experience.

In return we have some great awards to thank you for your generosity.

To donate please visit our campaign on www.gofundme.com/siacarnival

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