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Sunshine Update – Gearing Up For Notting Hill Carnival

Gearing up for Notting Hill Carnival 2018 !!!


Sunshine International Art is giving Carnival Art a platform to highlight humanity’s destruction of the planet. Our Mas Band in 2018 is looking at how our Art can move people to  Rejuvenate, Reincarnate, Rebirth our glorious planet. 

…Dance of Jouvert… AFRICAN spirits 

We de people, of this EARTH

We are very excited about this theme. Not only for the artistic value that can represent this broad and philanthropic theme but for the awareness and seeds it can plant in people’s minds about the ecological and environmental problems we face today and how we can all work together to combat it. 

Most people have seen the shocking images from the BBC documentary ‘Blue Planet 2’: fish with plastic wrap choking them; turtles with straws thrust up their nostrils; thousands of tonnes of highly resistant plastic floating as invasive islands all over our oceans. We created that! We are all responsible! We are the people of this Earth. However, we are the only ones that can clean our mess up. The pollution that we so casually infect the Earth is our wrongdoing and it’ll be our undoing unless we all come together to undo it. Here in our polished, westernized atmos of London, we don’t see many of the effects from our seemingly small or insignificant acts of pollution: buying bottles of water rather than reusable, putting recyclable materials into waste bins, purchasing degradable foods in undegradable bags. We don’t see the massive landfills, the ineffective recycling programmes sending waste to other countries. We don’t see it unless we go to generally poorer countries where the waste management infrastructure is not as developed as ours.

Ray Mahabir, carnival art designer here at Sunshine, spent most of the winter looking at the effects of pollution and came back with renewed hope and vision for this cause. For Notting Hill Carnival this year he is looking at opening our eyes and awakening our hearts to this giant problem that we face: a giant problem that can be tackled by each one of us changing one or two small thought processes in our lives.

From April 2018 we at Sunshine and C.A.F.E ( Carnival Arts For Everyone ) believe in NO to single-use plastic !!  We will, therefore, be banning single-use plastic items from our C.A.F.E. service.

NHC 26-27th August 2018

Production and Mas Camp

We are calling out to everyone in the Brixton/London area to take part in our Mas Camp this year. To learn about carnival art and its history in a new way that inspires the story of Dance of Jouvert, We de people of this Earth. As always Mas Camp takes place at our C.A.F.E. (Carnival Arts For Everyone) based in Loughborough Junction however with our new theme we are also excited to announce our new Recycled Workshops starting from mid-May 2018. Keep an eye on our calender and socials to see when they start.

Why not join Sunshine International Art’s Mas Camp? Mas Camp is a melting pot of creative flair in a multitude of artistic crafts: feather flowing; wire bending; headdress building; and costume decoration. Under the guise and enthusiasm of Trinidadian designer Ray Mahabir, you will gain a variety of skills in carnival arts and learn the truest form and history of traditional carnival Mas Bands. In a highly differing communal setting, Mas Camp offers a brilliant schedule of carnival arts that will not only be heartwarming and enjoyable but also artistically challenging. If you are interested in taking place in the on-going Carnival workshop and art-making sessions of Mas Camp, please email admin@sunshineiarts.co.uk

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