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S.i.A 2016 NHC Theme revealed!

All Ah We IS oNe…ah see ah people ……13151612_1131463136892413_2883794966545577315_n

After all the struggles and strife of war…
We leave it behind us and sail to a better future filled with
love, hope, peace and unity…

The ocean can appear to be a place of serenity and peace but beneath its calm facade, it is deeply routed with turbulence, danger and writhing anger…

On this journey to freedom, We learn an important lesson ‘all Ah We IS oNE’ –
Sailing to freedom, we are led by King Calypso.
He has mastered the art of
“hear no evil,see no evil, speak no evil”

The journey to freedom is filled with ever changing emotions,and the tempestuous currents and stormy seas make us see in ‘Mas Colour’ ….
as a result, seasickness confuses our inner calm and disturbs the peace in our hearts…

Our faces reflect all emotion and all colours.
We are not of one colour but are mixed.

No Black! No White! No Yellow! No Red!

No distinguishable colour forces itself to the forefront.
Our people are colour bright and beautiful. A rainbow of love.

Live and let live – all Ah We IS oNE. All Ah We share one pure unadulterated heart!!

Freedom is just a tide away.
The waning of the next full moon will reveal our reality and announce the truth we all hope for …. Freedom. Peace.

Peace on earth.
Soon we will be able to say that
“Today we can all live as one without pondering upon any specific colour.

Today we can live all as one in a world filled with ‘Mas Colour'”

Look into the deep blue abyss of your soul.
Find your unadulterated heart.

This journey leads us to that better place………


War and censorship lead to hardship. When one practices ownership of one’s actions and takes a leadership position then one can start building the relationships and friendships necessary for fellowship and creativity (craftsmanship). In the end we are in a state of worship because we are thankful for all God has given us. In this was wArship becomes wOrship.



We help them grow by our guardianship of them and putting them into apprenticeship to secure their future of kinship and camaraderie. They become shipmates for life.


Words by Ray and Serena Mahabir


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